CLARiiON - what to did right in preparation

EMC provides various certificates for IT professionals to develop their career using its software solutions. EMCPE certificate in CLARiiON track is one such certificate and it is for the professionals who wish to expertise in CLARiiON platform of EMC. These professionals will have a complete knowledge of CLARiiON platform and will be able to handle any work related to its various functionalities. This certification track consist of two exams namely the associate level certification and specialist level certification.

The associate level certification is attained by passing the associate level examination. Like all other EMCPE certification track, the associate level exam is E10-001 (Information Storage and Management v2) examination. This exam covers the basic understanding of storage systems, cloud computing, fibre optics and other new technologies in storage. For this exam, EMC provides various e-learning and instructor led trainings both video and direct training courses. Preparing with the text book along with these training courses is the right way to pass this certification.

The specialist level certification is obtained by passing the E20-611 CLARiiON Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers examination. This exam contains approximately 65 questions to be solved in 90 minutes. This certification measures one's knowledge in CLARiiON systems and its various modules. The main topics to be prepared for this exam are:

Hardware for CLARiiON CX3 and CX4

This includes the understanding of CX-series array functions and architecture for CLARiiON, its hardware components and various drivers needed.

Installation and maintenance of CLARiiON CX3

This includes the understanding of CLARiiON CX3 installation, its hardware and software requirements, core upgradation of CLARiiON and the differences in installing CX3 and CX4.

Installation and maintenance of CLARiiON CX4

This includes the understanding of CLARiiON CX4 installation, its hardware and software requirements, procedures and tools involved in installation, initializing array series in CX4, upgrading the array software and understanding Utilities for partitioning boot.

Schemes for Data protection

This involves the understanding of RAID supports in CX4 array series, features of Cache and SNiiFFER and their functionalities in these array series.

Troubleshooting CLARiiON CX3 installation problems

This involves the knowledge in re-imaging of boot disks, troubleshooting the failures in CX4 series array and collecting and analysing the data.


This measures one's skill in configuring and installing CLARalert software solutions.

Basic management of CLARiiON

This includes the understanding of management tools of CLARiiON, management of Unisphere, storage objects management using Unisphere and Navisphere, management of CX array domain and LUNs.

EMC provides various methods of training for this certification. Attending these training and preparing oneself actively in the software and hardware can make a difference in passing the certification. EMC provides training through E-learning for most of the CLARiiON modules like Foundations, hardware, management, installation and maintenance. Going through them and understanding the concepts entirely will help in getting high score in the exam. EMC also provides ILT and VILT for installation and maintenance of CLARiiON in which candidates can attend to improve their knowledge.

Plenty of mock tests are available in EMC as well as various websites for candidates to check their fluency in the software before attending the examination.